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Product Design
Product Design: Synthesys at its core is a product development company with its roots firmly grounded in deep technical expertise. A culture of research and innovation has allowed Synthesys over the years to build high quality products for its clients. We understand the rigorous nature of software development life cycle and ability to execute it successfully which is reflected in the trust our clients have shown repeatedly over the years by seeking our expertise with their product development efforts.
Key aspects of our product engineering services include: Product Ideas: A stage where our team working with you on the product development does documentation of your requirements, analyses those requirements to generate fresh ideas for software product enhancements. Our team also suggests about the future product features and functions.
Architecture Design: We draw a blueprint based on concept of the product, which in turn becomes a product design and then it takes the final form of working software.

Testing: As one of the most important aspectsin a development cycle, we start testing the product right from the requirements stages itself, including test case reviews, component testing, and functional testing to full system testing. For that we use a host of open source and commercial tools that are widely used in testing to satisfy the end-users.

Porting: We gather details of our client’s product’s current platform, language and then document those details in a well organized manner. Our well defined process guarantees smooth transition of data to new environment.

Technical Support: Solutions are offered by us through email and online support to you. Our support team is efficient enough to solve your problems regarding product.

Sustaining Engineering: We work with your customers to customize the older version of products who do not wish to upgrade to newer version. We help them in bug fixing, releasing patches, and re-engineering and end-of-life product support kind of services.

Professional Services: We provide are per-sales estimation of product implementation, customization of existing product and integrating software with hardware.